Deva Cacao Blocks

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A range of extraordinary organic raw chocolate blocks sweetened with Australian raw honey.

Mandarin + Sea Salt: 

This smooth chocolate has added cold pressed mandarin oil for a refreshing twist and a little extra sea salt to keep you on your toes!


Cacao paste, cacao butter, honey, vanilla bean, sea salt, cold pressed mandarin oil.


Made with premium quality, organic Australian Macadamia nuts that are an exceptional complement to the honey flavour.

 100% raw & organic Ingredients:

Cacao paste, Cacao butter, honey, macadamias, vanilla bean, sea salt.

Sour Cherry:

A delicate balance of smooth cacao and honey with the addition of tart cherries for a satisfying finish. 


Cacao paste, Cacao butter, honey, sour cherries, vanilla bean, sea salt.


Deva Coconut is packed full of organic shredded coconut goodness. Chocolate and coconut go together like birds and bees.

100% raw and organic ingredients:

Cacao paste, Cacao butter, honey, coconut, vanilla bean, sea salt.