Meet Malyssa

Hi Mama, I am so glad you are here on my website creating a beautiful practice of self care for yourself or supporting a loved one to create their practice.
I am here with my Mummy Retreat offerings after going through my journey into motherhood, or Matrescence, and wondering why the self care I was fighting to fit into my weeks wasn't leaving me replenished. I knew there was more to it, surely... so how do I find the more?
I immersed myself in all things mother-care, self-care and personal development, podcasts, articles, books and Instagram and I realised that the answer was actually way more simple and less elusive than I imagined - although not necessarily effortless.
What I needed to do was simply ask myself what I needed.
So The Mummy Retreat is the daily practice of checking in with yourself and asking yourself what you need and making it happen. 
Everyone benefits from you caring for yourself, and trust me parenting is so much more joyful when you don't resent all the sacrifice you have to make to care for everyone else.
I would love to connect with you further, please find me on Instagram and Facebook and join The Mummy Retreat's private Facebook Community full of Mums supporting each other through the ups and downs.